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Company trip / groups


Splash the staff with humor and knowledge with an evening, afternoon or lunch at Landa. The hosts will take you on a historical journey starting in the Bronze Age (about 1500 BC). The fireplaces are lit and the slaves can offer beer, buttocks or alcohol free. The Bronze Age House tells about the first Rogalendings up to the Viking Age.

Activities such a collection should measure both strength, patience and team spirit. Examples of activities include throwing, running in the eternal spiral, pulling or balancing.

Price: NOK 250, - per person.
Food, drinks and transport are arranged on request.
Minimum 30 people.



Family day

Bring the whole family to the staff on a great day at Landa Park.We offer many exciting activities and good food for young and old.Price: NOK 250, - per person.Food and beverages are arranged on request.Minimum 20 people.


Christmas party

With us you can get traditional Christmas food, cold table or food as desired as far as possible. Guests will experience a meal and a culture with roots in prehistory.Contact us if you have any other wishes. We meet their wishes as far as possible.

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