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Take your class on a historical journey of learning and play, 3000 years back in time. We welcome you to an exciting day !!!
In the municipality of Forsand lies the village of Landa. At Landa, the archaeologists have found tufts that are almost 3000 years old. We have built four houses as they stood here at Fossanmoen many thousands of years ago. Now students can visit our past village and see and experience how people lived and lived here. The hosts will take you on a journey in the past that starts in the
Bronze Age and ends in the Viking Age.

Students will see the different building and living conditions from the Bronze Age to the Viking Age. We will take you with the herb garden and tell you how the various herbs and plants were used in the past. Of course you will also get to taste ....

There are also many other activities such as cutting wool, spinning thread, and trying out the Bronze Age tools. New activities this year are making amber jewelry and pottery jars. In addition, we will also work in the forging to melt tin. And then we will choose the best archers in the class!

Toys and barbecues

We can offer students hard-bale toys with historical whispering: whipping, spiraling, ear-balancing, archery and pulling are activities that catch most people. We have also hung a slack line for the kids to try.

After an educational and exciting day, we settle down around the mine in the Bronze Age house and grill sausages.

Price: NOK 160 per student for at least 20 students. Included in the price are three hours stay with barbecue and activities. Barbecue food is not included, but we will arrange it if you wish. Otherwise by appointment.



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