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Dear guests,

on Landa you can sleep on real historic ground.

Here they found from 1980-1990 houses from the bronseage, immigration period and the iron age. 250 houses ws found in the area. It was the biggest excavation in Norway. Landa has been a Open Air museum som years before. Now we are running the place as campsite and also has school classes , a small Viking-festival at the end of August.  Different Celebrations for companies or families like marriage in the Gildehall. There is space for up to 160 guests. We prepare historic dinner or normal menus.Just ask for a special offer.

We have a big space for tents, Caravan, different sanitaries, a common kitchen and helps you planning your trip in the area, just ask

Priser camping

Buss & Vogn

  • Bobil  incl. 2 person 300,- kr

  • Campingvogn 300,- kr

  • Bil 50,- kr

  • Buss liten 300,- kr

Strøm 75,- kr

priser per natt



  • Lite telt

1 person 200,- kr

2 personen 250,- kr

Strøm 75,- kr

Stor Telt + 50,- kr

priser per natt

Tiny Houses and rooms

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