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Landa Park

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Bring your class on a historical journey with both learning and playing, 3,000 years back in time. We welcome you to an exciting day!!!


The prehistoric village of Landa is located in Forsand. In this area archaeologists
have found historical remains which are almost 3000 years old.


We have built four houses as they stood here on Fossanmoen for many thousands of years ago. Now students can visit the past our village and see and experience how people lived and survived here. The hosts will take you on a journey through the past starting in the Bronze Age and ends in the Viking Age.


Students will get to see the different architectural style and living conditions dating from the Bronze Age to the Viking Age. We will take you to the herb garden and talk about how the various herbs and plants were used in the past. Of course you will also get to taste....


We also have many other activities like carding wool, spinning thread, and trying the tools from the Bronze Age. New activities this year is to create jewellery in ravstone and creating jars in ceramics. In addition, we also work in the forge to melt tin. Finally  we will crown the class' best archer!

Games and barbecuing

We can offer students rough games steeped in history, like sledgehammer throwing, running in everlasting spiral, balancing in dazed state, shooting with bow and arrow and tug of war are activities captivates most young people. We also have a slack line that kids likes to try.


After an informative and exciting day, we calm ourselves down around the fire in the Bronze Age house and barbecues sausages.


Price: NOK 160 per pupil with at least 20 students. Included in the price is a three hours stay with barbecues and activities. The barbecue is not included, but we arrange that too if you wish. Otherwise by appointment.