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Company tours / Groups


Landa Park offers business trips with teambuilding for staff, family days for employees, summer parties and conferences, you may have activities before or after, or maybe you search a different Christmas party. Tell us about your wishes. We can customize your arrangement that may last one or several days with overnight stays and experiences in the Lysefjord area.


At Landa you can join on to a historical journey. Here you can experience teambuilding, history and exciting food experiences such as food cooked in a cooking pit outside. Popular entertainment might be a struggle demonstration from "Vikings" or flame blowing.


Our kitchen is based on raw materials from prehistory. Our main specialty is lamb in a cooking pit. Then the cooking pit is fired up and the taste and smell takes you back to prehistory.



Let your employees experience humour and knowledge for an evening, afternoon or at a lunch at Landa. The hosts will take you on a historical journey that starts in Bronze Age (about 1500 f.Kr). Fireplaces are lit up and the slaves will offer you beer, balder or non-alcoholic. In the Bronze Age house, it will be told about the first people from Rogaland forward to the Viking Age.


Activities at such gathering shall be measuring both strength, patience and teamwork. Examples of activities might be sledgehammer throwing, running in everlasting spiral, tug of war or balancing.


Price: NOK 250  per person.

Food, drinks and transport arranged as desired.

Minimum Number of people is 30 persons.



Family day

Bring the family of your employees to Landa for a very nice day with many exciting activities and great food.


Price: NOK 250 per person.

Food and drinks arranged as desired.

Minimum Number of people is 20 persons.



Christmas party

At Landa you can get traditional Christmas food, buffets or food as desired as far as possible. The guests will enjoy a meal and a culture with roots in prehistory.



Please contact us if you have other wishes. We meet your wishes as far as possible.